In 1972 a group  of spaniel enthusiasts came together to train their dogs at Wanford Mill, Surrey and formed The Mid-Sussex Working Spaniel and Training Club. They held their first trial in November 1974, a Novice Any Variety Spaniel Stake at Goudhurst in Kent, won by the late Harold Norrington.

The Club changed its name in 1980 to The Mid-Sussex Working Spaniel Club and held its first Open Qualifying Stake in 1982.

The Club exists to encourage the working qualities of all types of spaniels. The complete beginner can learn the basics of training a working dog. Those with some experience can improve their handling skills and get expert help in overcoming problem areas.

For the experienced handler there is the opportunity to take part in field trials of the highest standard.

All breeds of working spaniels are welcome, from the more common breeds of English Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel through to the Clumber, Field and Sussex Spaniels.