16 Dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake
Dunstall Farm, Shoreham, Kent

By Kind Permission of Mr G White

Chief Steward: Mr G Bowers

Judges: Mr G Stubbings (A)
Mr A Lo Curto (B)
Mr M Reader (Np)
Mrs M Emery (Np)

1st. And GC Borrikanni Kearny
(Ftch Helmsway Heath x Borrikanni Softmouth)
Mr Tommy Giles 🏆

2nd. Rytex Rymi
Mr Nick Gregory

3rd. Purlodge Waterloo Willow
Mr R Clark

4th. Eborakon Arista
Mr O Russell

Bishwell Bon Bon – Mr R Hyde
Athena Ivy – Mr D Robertson
Tascroft Slipper – Mr M Ashman

Well done to the winner and all in the awards 👍

Many thanks to all the helpers, guns and judges.