26th November 2019, South Downs

Mr D Sowerby

Mr G Meehan

11 dogs finished. We had a run off for 1st place between no 11 & no 7 with 11 being declared as the winner.

Testing conditions in cover crop, bramble and woodland. Great supply of game. Everyone had flushes. The guns shot well.


1st Heathcroft Blossom ESSB handled by G A Stubbings

2nd Bishwell Bon Bon ESSB handled by R Hyde

3rd Gemraer Don Hades of Deepfleet ESSD handled by P Avery

4th N/A


Buccleuch Quaver of Valmorah handled by F Winters
Shiveck Time Twiddler handled by T Siwek
Ardyle Seniority at Bonnimore handled by B Sadler