Open (Cocker Spaniel) Stake

14th December 2021

Holride Farm, Ripley, Surrey 

By kind permission of Sir Rocco Forte and Head Keeper Mr Kyle Sutton.

Chief Steward was Mr Gordon Bowers.

Judges: John Crawford and Mike Leflay

The trial was in woodlands with a mixture of bramble and bracken. It was testing conditions for the dogs where they had to find the game in some areas of dense bramble. There was a constant supply of game.

1st and GC – Llewgwyn Drysi (Rowston Spikey Aderyngi x Bishwell Bounty) – Ashley Jakubowski

2nd – Episcopi Zest – Anita Jones

3rd – Whaupley Pulse of Episcopi 

4th – Howesyke Craven – Jim Thompson



Dolbrenin Quincy – Nick Gregory

Jadenmoss Ash of Mullenscote – Linsey Whitley 

Jadenmoss Magnificent Opal at Skipmeg – Carl Colclough

Jadenmoss Echo Echo – Sean Connor

Howesyke Amey – James Luxford

A big thank you to all the landowners, helpers, keepers, guns,competitors, judges and the committee this year as this was our final trial for the year. The trials have been hard to fill but we successfully completed our schedule of 4 trials.

We wish the winners of our Open AV stake and Open Cocker stake all the best in the championship.